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Hi Everyone!

Curiosity is a wonderful thing and should be encouraged. For instance, questions such as why is aluminium chloride considered to be a covalent compound when it is made up of a metal and non-metal, deserve to be addressed even if they are not part of the requirements of the ‘O’ Level syllaus.

However, due to time constraints, I am often unable to answer these types of questions in class. Furthermore, not everybody wants to know about about these (wonderful) things especially since it won’t affect the grade. They are the ones who.. you know.. still believe that curiosity killed the cat..

But if you ask me.. They’re just pussies.

Anyways.. After much consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that even dinosaurs must move into the digital age and hence this abomination of a blog. So I hope you guys read, enjoy and ask me some (chem-related) questions!

Begin by scrolling your mouse over the menu/topics header to view the list of subjects covered!


PS: A note to JC students who have stumbled onto this page accidentally or otherwise. As this page is primarily targeted at O level students who wish to learn more, I have intentionally reduced the usage of chem jargon and (slightly) simplified some concepts. Do not be alarmed if the explanations here differ slightly from what your JC lecturers preach. Use their version in your answers!

Useful links!

1. Mr David’s blog (Mainly A level stuff with some O level sprinkled in!)

2. Chemguide

3. Doc Brown


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